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Two Pussycats for One Stan is the eleventh episode from the second season of The Pussycats.


A risky mission in the Middle East gives Stanisław Zaleski the opportunity to legalize his relationship with Penelope Pussycat and Mona Pussycat.


A cult of submission has been causing large amounts of casualties all around the world. An opportunity to limit the reign of terror appears when the prominent leaders of those cultist organizations announce a conference in one certain Middle-Eastern city. Eliminating those leaders would leave their mobs without command, thus the threat would be limited.

Stan and the Pussycat twins have been looking for a solution to legalize their relationship and the mission has just opened new opportunities for them. The heroes agree to take this assignment on the condition, that after their success, their relationship is completely recognized in the Western world, both by the civilian and the clergy authorities. The headquarters agree.

For just thirty American dollars, one particular submission cult preacher converts Penelope, Mona, and Stan to the members of the submission cult and provides them proper documents. The heroes can safely travel to the Middle East and infiltrate the terrorists without causing suspicion.

Having reached their destination, Team Pussycat manages to enter the gathering. Traditional Levantine clothes allow them hiding AK-47 without difficulties. The terrorist gathering ends before the leaders declare the targets for their mobs, as they get scythed down under the hail of lead.

The chaos chased by the gunfight allows the Team Pussycat to hide in the crowd without being noticed and reach the local US embassy, where they are recognized as their secret agents and hidden by the personnel.

After successfully completing the mission, the Team Pussycat members convert back to the religions they were raised in - Penelope and Mona to Lutheranism, while Stan - to Roman Catholicism. Following the deal, They receive the proper documents legalizing their relationship within the secular and the religious authorities around the Western world.

At the end of the episode, Stan and the Pussycat Twins are enjoying their first holidays at the seaside as a family.


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