The Ultimate Garfield Marathon was an all-week Marathon that Aired on Cartoon Network. It Lasted June 16, 2002 to June 23, 2002.

June 16, 2002 Programs

6:00 Box O' Fun/Unidentified Flying Orson/School Daze

6:30 Here Comes Garfield

7:00 Moo Cow Mutt/Big Bad Buddy Bird/Angel Puss

7:30 Arrivaderci, Odie!/Gort Goes Good/Feeling Feline

8:00 Twice Told Tale/Orson Goes on Vacation/Wedding Bell Blues

8:30 Arbuckle the Invincible/The Monster That Couldn't Scare Anybody/The Ocean Blue

9:00 Garfield in the Rough

9:30 Hound of the Arbuckles/Read Alert/Urban Arbuckle

10:00 The First Annual Garfield Watchers Test/Stark Raven Mad/The Record Breaker

10:30 Garfield Goes Hollywood

11:00 Airborne Odie/Once Opon a Time Warp/Bride and Broom

11:30 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse/Payday Mayday/How to Drive Humans Crazy

12:00 Garfield's Babes and Bullets

12:30 The Wright Stuff/Orson Express/Safe at Home

1:00 Change of Mind/Temp Trouble/The Perfect Match

1:30 The Third Penelope Episode/Hare Force/Garfield's Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Revue

2:00 Robodie II/For Butter or Worse/Annoying Things

2:30 Magic, Monsters and Manicotti/The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere's Duck/Unreal Estate

3:00 Canned Laughter/Deja Vu/The Man That Hated Cats

3:30 Mistakes Will Happen/The Well Dweller/The Wise Man

4:00 All Things Fat and Small/Robin Hog/Hare Replacement

4:30 Garfield Gets a Life

5:00 The Curse of the Klopman/Mud Sweet Mud/Rainy Day Dreams

5:30 Sit on It/Kiddie Korner/Brainwave Broadcast

6:00 Cute for Loot/The Caverns of Cocoa/Dream Date

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