(Note: This is NOT a ripoff of The Pussycats. Read to find out why.)

The Penelope Show is a series focusing around what Penelope did during (but mostly after) The Garfield Show. It lasted 5 seasons, 100 episodes, and had 4 TV movies. It was followed up by its spin-off My Three Cats.


  • Penelope is the show's main character, and has 9 brothers (here, Al has been dropped, and replaced by 9 brothers; 2 older, 6 younger, and 1 twin). She starts off 15, but she and Lonnie turn 16 in Penelope's Not-so-Sweet 16.
  • Logan is the oldest Pussycat sibling, at age 19 (20 beginning in Lozen). He loves his cellphone, but is also very kind.
  • Lenny is Penelope's second older brother, at age 17. He isn't very smart, but, like Logan, is kind to his siblings.
  • Lonnie is Penelope's twin brother, older by 2 minutes. He loves anything muddy, grimy, and stinky.
  • Luke is Penelope's first younger brother, at age 14. He loves music and plays multiple instruments.
  • Lance is Penelope's 13-year old, funny brother. He tells jokes at any opportunity.
  • Liam is the 7th child of the family. He is 12 and loves sports, balls, and games.
  • Lucas is a 10 year old goth who hates colors (except for black and really, really, really, really, really, really dark gray), and likes zombie movies.
  • Levi is a 4-year old cat prodigy. He has already graduated college and has a Nobel Physics Prize.
  • Leon is the 11 month old kitten of the family. He doesn't really have a personality, but in Changing the Kitty, Lenny tries to make him like him.
  • Jon appears quite frequently, and is the only other Garfield character to appear regularly. Here, he tries to help the cats sometimes (Like in Penelope... the Movie!) but almost always fails (one instance of success was Penelope's Not-so-Sweet 16, where he threw Lonnie a birthday party). He does, however, succeed as an antagonist in episodes like Dog Gone Jon and Happy Halloveen!


In the first episode, Penelope sees Garfield making out with Arlene. Various later episodes show her trying to win Garfield back. However, this stopped after Penelope Goes to Disney World. She lives with her 9 brothers described above in the basement of Vito's Pizzeria.

Each episode lasts approximately 22 minutes. Some of that time is used for Family Guy-style cutaway gags and hilarious side plots. Some episodes (Like Changing the Kitty) feature real-life songs, others feature original songs.


Season 1

  1. Pilot
  2. Levi Has a Ball
  3. Penelope's Pageant
  4. The Dead Body
  5. Bird Homes
  6. Penelope's Party
  7. Penelope Starts a Band
  8. The Karate Kat
  9. The Amazing ShamPow!
  10. Changing the Kitty
  11. May the Best Cat Win
  12. The Kitty Tooth Fairy
  13. Liam's Loose Leg
  14. Bigfoot Hunters
  15. Power Up Penelope
  16. Rated L for Lucas
  17. Happy Halloveen!
  18. Penelope's Not-so-Sweet 16
  19. Thanksgiving, Done Wrong!
  20. Dog Gone Jon
  21. Home For the Holidays
  22. Happy New Year!
  23. 867-5309 (Penny)
  24. The Cat Burglar
  25. April Fools... To You!
  26. Garfield Gets Engaged

Season 2

  1. Penelope is Speechless
  2. Poppyseed Avenue
  3. Bust a Fool
  4. Cooking with Idiots
  5. Penelope and Lonnie's Recycled Adventure
  6. The Crawl Space
  7. Lozen
  8. The O-Liam-Pics
  9. Wheel of Cash
  10. Penelope... the Movie!
  11. 20,000 Bowling Leagues Under the Sea
  12. Cat Telethon
  13. The Great Penny Caper
  14. Happy Birthday, Garfield
  15. Jon Loses His Ears (Kinda)
  16. Sweetie (Stupid) Scouts
  17. One Flu Over the Cuckoo Clock
  18. Leon's Bad Word
  19. The Drive-Thru
  20. Spies (Not) Like Us
  21. Play Place
  22. The Stupid Bowl
  23. Book Contest
  24. Power Up Penelope 2: Valentine's Day
  25. Arlene's Bachelorette Party
  26. The Wedding

TV Movie 1

Season 3

  1. Garfield and Arlene's Kittens
  2. Vit O. Cheese's
  3. Friday the 13th
  4. Penelope Arbuckle and Jon Pussycat
  5. America's Zaniest Pet Videos
  6. Vito's Resort
  7. Three Little Kittens
  8. Boy (Cat) Meets Girl (Cat)
  9. Kitten Kindness
  10. Power Up Penelope 3: The League of Cats
  11. Prankster's Paradise
  12. Luke's Concert
  13. Penelope’s Pregnant?

TV Movie 2

TV Movie 3

Season 4

  1. Arcade Escape
  2. The Masterpiece
  3. The Health Inspector
  4. Kitten Pageant
  5. Cameouflage
  6. Rock and Roll Auction
  7. Who's Penelope?
  8. Doppleganger Effect
  9. Don't Sprain on My Parade
  10. The Lake Erie Monster
  11. The Haunted House
  12. Pirates of the Caribbean Resort
  13. For Your Infomercial

Season 5

  1. Happy Anniversary
  2. Penelope the Babysitter
  3. The Elevator
  4. Logan's ViewTube Channel
  5. On the Road Again
  6. 3 Cheers for Penelope
  7. The Cats Run the Restaurant
  8. Jon Goes GaGa
  9. Friend or Fake?
  10. Boy (Cat) Meets Boy (Cat)
  11. Any First Words?
  12. Penelope's Mistake
  13. The Time Capsule
  14. The Grand Finale

TV Movie 4

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