This Series is a fan continuation of Garfield and Friends. with Three 7-minute episodes. this series contains some characters from the Garfield Show.


  • Three-Demented: Garfield tries a virtual-reality helmet and sees the outside world as a video game.
  • You can't get Me, but I'll get Ewe: A Sleazy sheep competes with Bo in hopes of winning Lanolin's hoof in Marriage.
  • Hold the Bone: Odie tries to construct a pyramid of bones, but a group of dogs, angry gophers, Jon, and Garfield made it hard for Him.


  • Native Oil: Garfield tells a story which In the time before Pilgrims came to America, the Indians found Oil first, as used it to cook food for the pickiest of animals.
  • Thrice in a Blue Moon: Roy, Wade, Booker, and Sheldon start to act weird when a blue moon is in the sky.
  • Live to see another Day: After watching a TV Program about the most unusual deaths, Garfield takes as many precautions to stay alive.


  • That's for sure, Future Pt. 1: Garfield and Penelope enjoying the night sky is interrupted by a kitten who brings The two to the future.
  • Chicken-Hearted Roy: Roy falls in love with a chicken, but has to best Her Ex, who happens o be a thug.
  • That's for sure, Future Pt. 2: Garfield and Penelope, with the kitten (who is Garfield and Penelope's Descendant) try to get past Bully Dogs, Straycatchers, and other hazards of the future to get to the time machine.
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