The Team Pussycat Armory is the storage facility of the Pussycat's equipment, and is located inside their main base. The facility has a wide array of weapons and gadgets available. It is shown to be in close proximity to the shooting range located at the Pussycat Ranch in Texas.

The Pussycats normally carry short firearms (pistols and revolvers) while they store more modern weapons in the armory. Older weapons are kept at the Pussycat ranch and are used both as decorations and house defense.

Equipment Stored Inside


  • Several M-16 Rifles (mostly A1 and A2 variants)
  • Several M14 Rifles
  • several M60 Machine Guns, both original M60s, and the M60E3s (including one M60D variant)
  • two Browning M2HB Heavy Machine Guns, one is the personal property of Kitty
  • Several 0.50 sniper rifles, including Barrett M82, Barrett M95 and Iver Johnson 500
  • Several M40 sniper rifles
  • one M19 60mm mortar
  • Several FN FAL, FN CAL, and FN FNC rifles
  • Several AK-47 rifles (mostly obtained from the Comintern members)
  • Foreign copies of the original AK-47 rifles (including Type 56 and Valmet M60)
  • Several AKM Rifles
  • Several AK-74 Rifles
  • Several PK/RPK Machine Guns
  • Two-Three SVD Sniper Rifles
  • A DShK heavy machine gun
  • An NSV heavy machine gun
  • A KPV Heavy Machine Gun Without Original Stand
  • Several Heckler und Koch rifles (various types)
  • Several PSG-1 sniper rifles
  • Several MP5 Submachine Guns
  • An HK21 machinegun and an MG3 machinegun (stored together)
  • AN Enfield L85 assault rifle
  • An L73 light machinegun
  • several Uzi and Ingram MAC-10 Submachineguns
  • three RPG-7 missile launchers
  • an RPG-18 missile launcher
  • one Mk 153 Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon
  • Ten M72 LAW anti-tank weapons
  • one M47 Dragon anti-tank weapon
  • Several FIM-92 Stinger Surface-to-Air Missile Launchers with missiles
  • Several M79 grenade launchers
  • A Pancor Jackhammer shotgun
  • Four Remington 870 shotguns (different models)
  • One Beretta 470 Silverhawk shotgun
  • Several Hand Grenades (Mostly American)
  • Several M18 Claymore Mines
  • Several Satchel Charges


  • Ammunition For The Aforesaid Firearms
  • Shovels
  • Pickaxes
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Sniping Equipment
  • Several battering rams
  • Several crowbars


  • Several kevlar vests
  • Several PASGT helmets
  • Several kevlar kneecaps
  • Several M1D steel helmets (1960s production)
  • Several gas masks


  • The KPV heavy machinegun is the only firearm in the armory without its own ammunition supply - it was damaged in combat. Stan and Ian managed to repair it, just the Russian 14,5mm rounds are difficult to obtain even behind the Iron Curtain.
  • At least one Ak-47 and one AKM in the armory have been rechambered to accept NATO 7,62mm rounds instead of Russian 7,62mm ones.
  • Despite being a World War 2 design, the DShK heavy machinegun stored in the armory is the post WW2 production model (built in 1962), thus it is stored there.
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