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The label of Rasputin Vodka.

Rasputin Vodka is an 80% strong alcoholic beverage popular among the Russian Communist Party. The "vanguards of the Moscovian Proletariat" never go outdoors without at least one bottle around themselves. Dolt-on-Istov, Boris Badenov, Natasha Fatale, Paskudnikov, Silly Vassily, Olga Salotchkinaya, Igor Tolstyi, and Sindri are often seen carrying those vodka bottles; Doltie even received the decanter of never-ending Rasputin Vodka from his fiendish mistress.

The exact recipe of this vodka brand remains unknown - since it has a greater volume than spirits sold in the West, it is certain that the aforesaid liquor is distilled synthetically. Known distilleries are located in the following places:

  • Moscow
  • Kaliningrad
  • Nu-Pogodi!-Zyriansk
  • Ailartsua/Vlondrilgrad (Pottsylvania)
  • Sindrigrad (Pottsylvania)
  • Chertovo Kolyesyo (Hell).

Apart from the standard pure vodka, there are also available flavored variants with reduced volume, though they are more popular within the leftist societies westwards from the Bug River.

Known uses

  • The liquor is a popular consumable in leftist societies due to its high volume for an alcoholic drink, allowing to "soothe nerves" and "calm down broken hearts". It is not surprising that more sophisticated palates do not enjoy this "fuel of the proletariat".
  • The high volume makes Rasputin Vodka an effective cleaning liquid, though it is not advised to clean wood with the liquor - it has been reported the wood breaks in contact with Rasputin Vodka. However, it can be safely used to clean firearms of any origin.
  • It can be used for cauterizing wounds, though only in small quantities, as the strong ethanol burns flesh in contact.
  • When used in alcohol lamps and stoves, it gives a strong and bright bluish flame. The only drawback is unpleasant stench emitted by the burning Rasputin Vodka.
  • Dolt-on-Istov managed to build a functioning vodka-operated car engine in "Dial D for Drunkard" episode.
  • In the "Space Mouser II: Vengeance of the Space Mousers" episode, it is revealed that Disciples of Rasputin do use Rasputin-Vodka-operated guns in combat.