Pilot is the first episode of The Penelope Show.


On a visit to see Garfield on set at the Garfield Show, Penelope is crushed to see Garfield making out with Arlene. Angered, she enlists her prodigy brother Levi to build a machine to blow Arlene off the face of the Earth. Meanwhile, Jon tries to fly an RC plane.


Penelope visits the set of The Garfield Show shortly after they wrapped up production on the show, having been sent to deliver a pizza to the wrap party. However, when she arrives, she sees Garfield making out with Arlene on set. While Garfield claims that he can explain, Penelope runs out of the set in tears, taking the pizza with her, much to Garfield's dismay.

Meanwhile, Jon arrives back at his house from the wrap party with a remote control plane he got as a gift for being on the show. He decides to use it to spy on people, and attaches a small video camera to it. However, this weighs the plane down, crashing it into a bush. This forces Jon to buy a really small one for $749.99 at Primary Purchase.

Back at the pizzeria, Penelope describes her problem to her brothers, and asks them for solutions. Most of them simply tell her to let it go. This gives Penelope the idea to make a machine that'll force Arlene to let go of the Earth, which she designs. Since she has no experience with machinery, however, she enlists her brother Levi to build it.

Back with Jon, he is spying on Liz to try to find out where she's taking him tonight. However, once he checks what he filmed, he hears her saying she wants to propose to him soon. Jon, not willing to accept that kind of responsibility yet, plans to find a way to sabotage it. Unfortunately, he soon loses control of the plane...

Meanwhile, Penelope and Levi, now with the machine (a giant fan), have arrived at Arlene's house, preparing to blow it (and more importantly, her) off the face of the Earth. However, Arlene catches on to their plan after she's hears the fan whirring.

Just then, Jon runs trying to catch up with the plane, which is making a nose dive for the fan's "Self Destruct" button, which Penelope questions Levi on adding. Once it hits the button, the fan explodes, blowing them all (except Arlene) away. The cats manage to land back at the pizzeria, while Jon is blown into Canada.

During the pre-credits scene, Penelope is monologuing to Levi about how she's disappointed to machine didn't work, and vows to get Garfield to love her before he and Arlene tie the knot.

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