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Penelope Pussycat served as another love interest for Garfield.

Originally, she appeared in Garfield and Friends, quickly becoming a regular (with three episodes being labeled as "Penelope Episodes"). In the original cartoon, she lived in an Italian restaurant, the main reason that Garfield went out with her. The fact that Garfield enjoyed eating more than being with her annoyed Penelope that much, she eventually left him.

Penny became one of the main protagonists in The Pussycats series created by TeeJay87, and The Penelope Show series created by BTLFan4.


Being a substitution for Arlene in "Garfield and Friends", Penelope has a similar body shape as Arlene with the exception of her characteristic hair, beauty spot on cheek, blue eyes and smaller lips (light pink in "Perils of Penelope" and "The Genuine Article," darker in the following episodes). Apart from that, Penny has an opposite personality to Arlene - she barely cracks jokes at Garfield's expense (at least less frequent than Arlene does) and her relationship looks more like one-sided attraction. In fact, Garfield appreciates Penelope rather for her living in an Italian Restaurant, which can be seen in "The Third Penelope Episode."


  • Penelope tends to walk on all four of her legs instead of two.
  • She has a big family including her unnamed mother, her brother Al, his unnamed wife with their three children, a deceased father, grandparents, an aunt, an uncle, and many cousins.
  • Her design was changed during the episodes - originally she had beige fur color ("The Perils of Penelope" and "The Genuine Article"), replaced with gray in "The Second Penelope Episode", "The Garfield Musical", "The Third Penelope Episode", "The Garfield Rap" and "The Guy of Her Dreams".
  • She also had eyelashes since her debut episode, but they disappeared by "The Second Penelope Episode".
  • Penny likes to sing, which can be seen in 4 episodes, including short vocal parts in "The Perils of Penelope" and "The Garfield Rap" and sung episodes "The Garfield Musical" and "The Guy of Her Dreams".
  • Part of the reason Penelope was created was that the writers were having a hard time writing Arlene. Jim Davis had reservations on Arlene, not wanting the character used if they were unable to portray her the way he wanted. Seasons later, Penelope was made in the cartoon.
  • In later seasons of "Garfield and Friends", Penelope was one of the few female characters, besides Lanolin, to appear regularly in the series.
  • Penelope shares Garfield's (occasional) dislike for anchovies on pizza.