Moonshine Blues is the ninth episode from the second season of The Pussycats.


A prohibition cast in Moscow causes results opposite to the expected ones.


The new KGB commander, called Katya Kazanova, issues prohibition in all the workplaces in Moscow, much to the dismay to the proletarians. Those, who break this law, are sent to Butyrki prison for varied periods, beginning with a seven-day arrest for the first offense.

Dolt-on-Istov feels especially hurt with the regulation, as he finds it aimed at the proletarian soul. His protest against the new regulation winds up with being sent to Butyrki prison, where he attempts to open an illegal distillery. Not surprisingly, his prison inmates and guards dig this idea, providing Doltie both the distillery parts and ingredients for alcohol.

Shortly afterward, Katya receives the report about the Butyrki prison being critically overpopulated and the Moscovian garrison missing soldiers, who were caught on breaking the new prohibition law. Boris, Her subordinate and lover in one person, is sent to make an investigation. Two hours pass and Boris does not come back. When Katya goes to find out what happened, she notices that Butyrki prison has become a speakeasy of the Moscovian proletariat, where both the prisoners and their guards are drunk. Boris is found enjoying Doltie's recent invention in the art of distillery - 98% strong ethanol obtained from distilling leftover cooking oil with beet juice, mildew, and nettles. Kazanova's order to send Dimitri in front of the firing squad cannot be executed, as the entire personnel is too drunk to use firearms.

In an act of despair, Katya attempts to use "the paragraph 7,62mm Russian" on Averellyevych, which is interrupted by Sindri Bisitsokoshkha, who forces Kazanova to call off Doltie's execution. Behemoth's daughter agrees that Katya has issued a regulation harming the working class's spirit. The conflict between the KGB and the Socialist Advisory Command Moscow cannot be solved, as Marxian teachings clearly state, that administrative jurisdiction is against the will of the proletariat.

The cyborg-demon cat dispute is solved after pressure from the Vyerkhuskha to have it worked out as soon as possible. As a compromise, the KGB troops cannot drink alcohol in their workplaces, though they have the right to drink outside Lhubyanka and Butyrki. Doltie is cleared from the accusations only because Sindri has insisted. One of the crazy leftists from America, who came to Moscow because of his beliefs, is picked as a scapegoat and Katya carries out the paragraph 7,62mm Russian upon him in lieu of punishing Dimitri.

The episode ends with Boris being called by Sindri from Katya's office. Being on ethanol thirst, Boris gladly lefts his workplace and enters Sindri's cabinet, where his booze supply awaits him.


The Comintern


This is one of the episodes, where Team Pussycat members do not appear.

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