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Episode's title card with Penelope wielding a Colt Python revolver.

Meowami Vice is the second episode from the First Season of The Pussycats.


Penelope, Mona, and Stan visit Miami for the first time and certain unsavory characters attempt to spoil them the trip.


The Pussycat twins take Stan to Florida for a vacation. Having reached the destination point, they find a hotel in Miami to stay, not being aware that the local criminal underground is using it as a hideout for their operations.

The first day after their arrival, the protagonists encounter a pickpocket attempting to rob them from their money. Stan manages to catch the pickpocket's hand before he reaches Penelope's wallet. After giving the caught criminal to the local Police station, the cats try having some rest at the seaside.

One hour passes after the pickpocket incident. While Penelope, Mona, and Stan are enjoying the summer in Florida, a panic suddenly occurs within the crowd. It turns out that the local criminal mob is cooperating with the Cuban intelligence represented by Roberto the Rouge Rogue, attempting to prepare a ground for an uprising, which could backup possible beachhead lead from Havana. The pickpocket encountered by the Team Pussycat has been just a pawn in the more complicated plot.

Despite managing to disrupt the public order in Miami, the insurgency is thwarted when the criminal gang leader is shot stone dead by Stan, while Penelope and Mona manage to catch the Cuban spy in an ambush. As a result, the wannabe revolutionaries surrender to the local National Guard battalion and the peace comes back to Miami. Stan, Penelope, and Mona enjoy the rest of the vacation without any further issues in this episode.


Main characters:

Secondary characters:

  • tourists in Miami
  • the local criminal mob
  • the pickpocket
  • Roberto the Rouge Rogue (Cuban spy supervising the Miami criminals)


Cultural references:

  • The episode's name is a pun on the series "Miami Vice".
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