Lonnie Pussycat is Penelope's twin brother in The Penelope Show.


On November 18, 2000, he was born. 2 minutes later, his twin sister Penelope was also born. Once taken home from the hospital, the first thing Lonnie did was splash his sister in the face with mud. He then proceeded to do the same thing to his 2 older brothers (as well as do it first thing his younger siblings first arrived from the hospital).

In Bird Homes, he and Jon begin a stand where they build different kinds of homes for birds, and sell them for $9.99. The stand is shut down when a 6 year old takes it to use as a lemonade stand.

Lonnie and Penelope turned 16 in Penelope's Not-so-Sweet 16. While Penelope had a televised birthday party where everything went wrong. Lonnie has his at Jon's house, in which nothing bad happened.

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