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The flag has the main colors of the Warners, Fredes and the Odics. The Beyalandic colors are not included, though.

The Kingdom of the Warners, Fredes, Garfieldistanics and Odics (KWFGO) ("Garfieldistanics" later replaced by "Beyalandics") was IS a Kingdom that existed because Napoleon abandoned to go fight in the Napoleonic Wars during the Hundred Days and George III invaded it. "Odics" isn't named after the dog. The kingdom still exists.


Anthem while the UK was ruled by a King

Anthem: God save the Queen/King (Depending on the Ruler's Gender) (Current)

Anthem while briefly ruled by the Kingdom of Prussia in the during the 1800s, same tune as God save the Queen and inspired the Hawaiian Anthem

Naval ensign

war flag

King flag