This TV Movie Idea is a Crossover Special between the Garfield Show and Garfield and Friends. CAUTION! This idea contains spoilers.


Garfield and His companions come across the world of "Garfield and Friends"


The Story begins at the Arbuckle House at 1 PM, as Jon takes Garfield and Odie to the great Outdoors. before They left, Garfield sneaks Arlene inside a trailer. At Night, At a Forest Park, Garfield sees a shining Light-Blue star and tells Arlene that He might have found a new planet, as the others silently make a wish. but just as They were admiring the star, Jon wakes up and sees it as well, but just as Jon was getting a forest ranger, the Star falls down, impacting Their Campsite. Jon breaks down about Garfield and Odie being gone.

In a dimension stream, Garfield along with Odie and Arlene are sent through animation styles, composed of old 30s style, Anime style, Watercolor, Puppet, Junk, including a music video, and finally, in a Two-Dimensional Town after They become 2-D, as well. along the way, wondering where They really are, Garfield tries to find help, but is booted out by a rude seafood restaurant entrepreneur. Garfield refusing to give up, gets back insude and overwhelms the entrepreneur, and getting some food, which tasted somewhat flat. The Police was called, but Garfield and His group escaped being arrested and ran for dear life. but they become more surprised when Garfield and Arlene crash into another Garfield and Penelope respectively. When They become surprised to see Two Garfields. Arlene and Penelope were about to fight, but was stopped when the G.S. Garfield explains the situation. the GaF Garfield understands, and tells Penelope that They must return to Jon's house for Their First Cat-Year Anniversary Dinner. (Yes, Garfield from GaF and Penelope are Married with two kittens and one on the way.) surprising Arlene, and asks Penelope if there's another Arlene in this world, Penelope asks Her husband and He says there are millions, maybe billions of cats named Arlene.

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