Garfield Goes Viral is the current book that GoChickens is drawing. Some strips show Gafield handling the COVID-19 outbreak, hence the name "Goes Viral". The strip, as of 5/28/20, currently has 56 total strips, 8 of wich are coronavirus-related, and 7 series. There are also 4 special edition drawings, which are full-color drawings that are made for holidays and festivals. You can see all of the strips at .

My Snoopy and Garfield series (1 week) is in this wiki: Snoopy

GoChickens has drawn these characters (in order):

  1. Garfield
  2. Jon
  3. Pizza guy
  4. Odie
  5. Nermal
  6. Irma
  7. Snoopy
  8. Garfield's mother
  9. Garfield's grandfather
  10. Squeak
  11. Big Dog
  12. Liz
  13. Arlene
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