1. Garfield: The Anime-ted Movie (formerly "Garfield and the Magic Time Tunnel") is a 2020 upcoming Japanese animated film release by Paramount Pictures and Toho Animation

The first animated film will shown in theaters and directed by Mark Dindal

Musical Numbers

  • Here We are in the Future
  • I Know How the Moon must Feel
  • How Groovy
  • Hater makes it better
  • Here We are in the Future (Reprise)


Garfield, a lasagna loving cat, along with his friends, Yuuji Kazami, Odie, Penelope, Nermal and Herman the Mouse in a place called Aberdale, in the side of the U.S. Acres Gang in their own world, Tokyo was Yuuji's hometown, his friend JB notice that he was here that long, on an other side in Japan, an orange-haired maid named Sakura who came to visit her grandfather, he notice that Yuuji's mom got murdered by his evil father(which is the Cyborg Pig),Sakura visits Tokyo and travel to Garfield's World with the magic whistle , Garfield and his pal Yuuji go on a quest to stop his evil father from murdering his mom, later his mom comes alive but perfect, somehow the magic is back and Garfield and the gang are happy to have those two worlds back together.


Charlie Sheen as Garfield

Bill Farmer as Yuuji Kazami

Jeremy Shada as Odie

Greg Clips as Nermal

Mark Dindal as Cyborg Pig

John Lithgow as Heath Oslo

Stephanie Sheh as Sakura the Maid

Adam Sandler as Herman the Mouse

Briana Knickerbocker as JB

Roger Craig Smith as Orson Pig

Lauren Thom as Lanolin Sheep

Magnus Scheving as Booker, Bo Sheep, Wade Duck, Sheldon and Roy Rooster

Scott Freeman as Yuuji's cousin (played by Issei Hyoudou)


  • The Plot looks similar to "Thomas and the Magic Railroad"
  • The first Garfield movie release in Japan
  • Mark Dindal's plans that the movie is not released by Alcon Entertainment, so he choose Paramount before Viacom owns the Garfield franchise
  • Dindal's greatest animated films since "Chicken Run"
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