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Dungeons and Pussycats is the tenth episode from the third season of The Pussycats.

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Team Pussycat members are involved in a typical Dungeons and Dragons styled adventure.


The episode begins with a scene when a village inhabited by cat-folk is being overrun by repulsing green-skinned monsters, who lower the village to the ground. Few of the dwellers manage to escape, including a young feline warrior called Stan. He notices his family escaping across the river bank and attempts to join them when he gets hit by a stone hurled by the monsters, which causes him to lose consciousness. 

Stan wakes up with a headache, surrounded by the ruins of his home village, corpses of slain monsters, and dead bodies of fellow villagers. He decides to wander in the direction where he saw his family members for the last time. After quite a long trip, he enters a Levantine-styled township with a mixed population, hoping to find someone here. The tracks lead to the market square, though Stan doesn't recognize anyone there. A bounty notice focuses his attention, as a reward is promised for seizing a local brigand, who is said to be hiding in a canyon eastwards from the town.

Armed with his short sword, Stan joins a group of adventurers, who decided to seize the brigand. Since they lack a fighter in their party, they welcome Stan and promise to share the reward with him. The group reaches its destination point, which looks quite suspicious, according to Stan. The group scout called Foo Foo agrees with him, but the remaining party members consider them as "wuss at heart" and boldly rush at the rock formation, only to be pinned down with arrows and bolts. Being unable to help their party mates, Stan and Foo Foo decide to split up and surround the rock formation.

It turns out a small goblin tribe led by a particularly nasty member of their species turned the canyon into their stronghold. Having finished off their opponents, they believe they won the battle and are about to celebrate their victory. The celebrations go smoothly until their leader announces that he takes their entire loot for himself, which infuriates his tribesmen and leads to a brawl. The goblins fight between themselves, mortally wounding each other. Stan and Foo Foo take the opportunity and seize the goblin leader, who turns out to be a poorly skilled combatant, then they finish off the remaining pretenders to the treasure.

Shortly afterward, Stan and Foo Foo come back to the township with retrieved goods and their captive. When claiming for a reward, the local burgomaster orders the guards to seize the adventurers, officially accused of murdering their fellow party members. Even despite the investigation proves that Stan's and Foo's comrades fell under goblin arrows, Stan and Foo Foo are locked in the prison beneath the burgomaster's palace.

A lone guard is watching the corridor in the area where Stan is locked in a cell, trying to deal with boredom by rolling dice. two of them fall to Stan's cell, so the guard asks the prisoner if he sees them. Stan replies that the cell is too dark and he would need some light. The guard opens the door to Stan's cell and gets knocked down. Stan dresses in his chainmail, takes his hatchet and cell keys, then heads to find Foo Foo when he spots his companion, who admits he opened the cell door with his claws. The adventurers decide to visit the burgomaster, who turns out to be enjoying a show in his harem and he tries to harass four particular girls - two Persian cats and two Angoras.

When Stan and Foo Foo open the door, the Burgomaster asks them if they should not be locked in prison. Stan replies with a question if the burgomaster should not be resting in a graveyard and strikes the Burgomaster with the hatchet. Foo Foo holds the guards at bay, taking them down with a bow. Suddenly, an explosion shakes the palace, which causes confusion amongst the occupants. Stan, foo Foo, and the kitties manage to escape the palace during the mess without anyone noticing.

The town is being overrun by the same monsters as Stan's home village was. The heroes hide inside an abandoned warehouse, so they can watch the fall of the town, which is literally lowered to the ground. The heroes find a hideout in a collapsed house, which's cellar remained undamaged. One of the monsters is exhausted after pillaging, he sits on the wall remains, then he falls dead with two arrows protruding from his forehead, one arrow piercing his throat and the fourth arrow reaching his heart. Stan and Foo Foo admit that their new female companions are talented archers.

When the pillage ends, Stan's and Foo Foo's feline companions introduce themselves. The Angora twins are named Penelope and Mona, while the Persians are Lola and Gwendolyn - they all were captured by slavers and sold to the burgomaster as his entertainers until Stan and Foo Foo changed their fate. The heroes decide to track the monsters to their lair, once Foo Foo notices they are regrouping.

The remnants of the monstrous army head down to a lair in hills, where a crude-looking fortress was carved into an especially steep and rocky hill. The heroes manage to sneak inside without being noticed. It turns out that the monsters were led by an evil wizard, or actually a teenage wizard apprentice with ego greater than his skills, who keeps mumbling about his sixth-grade classmates rejecting him. The spoiled brat sends the monster back to his pen, then he heads to see the treasures his minions brought him from the raid. The villain does not make it through, as Stan grabs his collar from behind and the rest of the team aim bows at the magic-user.

The insolent whelp begs for mercy, trying to explain he sent monsters to attack villages and towns just for fun and he did not predict his goons would actually kill sentient beings. The heroes bring their captive at the balcony in his cave, to make the villain's monsters see him being taken captive. The kid in wizard robes attempts to yell at his henchmen, though without success as Stan beheads him. The oldest and fattest specimen of the monsters steps out of the row and announces Stan as their new leader. The heroes snap their new monstrous workforce to rebuild the settlements those brutish hulks razed before.

Stan's home village is rebuilt, as the refugees come back to their houses. Despite only half of the population survived, they manage to make a living in the area again. The new burgomaster establishes trade with the village, so both communities can prosper. Stan marries Penelope and Mona, and Foo Foo marries Lola and Gwendolyn, so they can live as guardians of the area. The females also learn magic from the sorcerous brat's spellbooks they took from his lair.



This episode is a parody of Dungeons and Dragons role-playing games and their spin-off cartoon.