The episode's title card.

Dolt-on-Ism: Dolty Manhattan is the first episode from the fourth season of The Pussycats.


The Comintern attempts to use their anti-American jokes against the citizens of the United States.


The episode begins with the scene when a laser show is performed in front of the United States embassy in Moscow. A caricature of the US President's head in a dunce's hat is shown eating a banana. The gathered mob keeps performing excessive behaviour, which includes burning the American flags, waving banners with anti-American slurs in Russian and poorly-written English, and displaying posters depicting Uncle Sam with World Trade Center legs and a Boeing 767 between his buttcheeks. The recipients of the happening do not react at all.

Shortly afterward, the Vyerkhuskha is examining the results of the provocation. Vlondril Bisitsokoshkha suggests that "Operation Knuckle Sandwich for Uncle Sam" should be moved to the American territory, arguing that since the U.S. embassy in Moscow did not react, people in their homeland should also be expected to ignore mudslinging their homeland on their own soil, especially since the Doubtfully Reasonable People from the United States are pushing irresponsible interpretations of the First Amendment, claiming that anyone in their country has right to talk even the most inept nonsense or testify obvious lies at court and get away with that, as they gave up the idea of perjury in their federal penal code. The plan is approved and Sindri Bisitsokoshkha is given responsibility for carrying it out.

Back in the United States, a trial at one of the New York's courts is being held, where a third-grader is accused of a shoplifting attempt, when he was caught red-handed on stealing pastry from a supermarket. The juvenile criminal keeps denying his deed, despite testimonies of witnesses, shop monitoring, and the security guard, who caught the defendant prove the teenager's guilt. Even being presented the evidence he attempted to steal with his fingerprints preserved, the spoilt brat keeps claiming that he is innocent. When the district attorney asks the juvenile delinquent, why is he lying, the asked one keeps talking nonsense about chicken waffles and 2018 Garfield comics book he considers as "stupid". The Pussycat Twins and Stan are members of the jury and they agree that the young criminal needs to attend a psychiatrist with such an addled mind. The jury votes about the spoilt brat's guilt and Team Pussycat members are outvoted 17:3 in favour to consider the barmy child unguilty. The sentence is ruled and the silly little boy walks away from the court hall with hands in his pockets and belching loudly. After the trial, Penelope admits that the justice department in New York is corrupted.

The winner of the case is shown walking down the Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn, inhaling cheesy poofs and talking nonsense about Odie talking, breathing, and getting bored. A comedy contest is taking place there, led by Binky the Clown. The silly little boy is not allowed to participate because of his young age. However, foreigners are allowed to participate and the first contestant on stage is Dolt-on-Istov who asks the audience if they know what is the most popular drink in Moscow. After a brief silence, Doltie admits the drink's name is Double Manhattan, after the World Trade Center Towers which collapsed in the September 2001 attack. The joke disgusts the audience and the remaining contestants, causing them to go away. Only the silly little boy remains in place, talking about the effects of having eaten too many snacks.

Binky gets mad a Doltie for ruining his comedy show with anti-American jokes, thus he threatens him with a lawsuit and CIA when he recognizes him being Russian communist. Team Pussycat members have been observing the situation and they prepare the AK-47 rifles they brought with themselves against the fifth column. Despite Mona's calls to stand back from the line of fire, Binky refuses to comply and the neo-Bolsheviks take him as a hostage. The Comintern's plan fails as the Silly Little Boy keeps nagging the Moscovians about one particular book he finds stupid. Katya gets infuriated and slaps the child right in his cheek, which renders the kid unconscious. Doltie releases Binky, who runs at the child, leaving the communards without their hostage. Sindri attempts to scold Katya for beating a child when the Bolsheviks fall under the AK-47 barrage:

  • Mona manages to shot Katya with armour piercing rounds, damaging her CPU;
  • Penelope's blessed rounds manage to tear down Sindri's left wing and cripple her leg;
  • Dolt-on-Istov is shot by Stan at his head, which causes him to fall down.

Sindri manages to teleport the Moscovians back to their HQ. The Silly Litte Boy regains consciousness, though he cannot remember what happened. Penelope and Mona administer him first aid while Stan calls for an ambulance. Binky turns out to have avoided any wounds, just his trousers need to be cleaned in front and rear. It turns out that the slap the Boy received from Katya caused him to mature mentally, so he does not feel the need for misbehaving anymore.

Back in Moscow, Katya is charged for causing the operation to fail because she slapped an American child and her blow brought consequences opposite to the expected ones. Dolt-on-Istov survives the headshot - the medical examination proves that the round Stan fired at Doltie was stopped by Doltie's thick skull, which only led to a surface wound. When asked by the doctor, how does he feel, Doltie states that he feels thirsty as usual. The episode ends with Sindri laughing wickedly.


Team Pussycat

The Comintern


  • Binky the Clown
  • The Silly Little Boy


  • The beginning of the episode is a reference to the laser show, which took part on 7th August 2014 when Barack Obama was mocked by Russians in front of the United States embassy in Moscow
  • Jokes in this episode revolve around the First Amendment interpretations pushed online by the Democrat Party's electorate, who claim that freedom of speech is such an absolute value that people should be allowed to testify lie in court and not be punished for perjury, as well as the deals should not be kept but double-crossed regularly.
  • During the joke contest, Sindri refers to Carlos Latuff's drawings mocking the 11th September 2001 attacks, especially the one where Latuff has drawn Uncle Sam with World Trade Center legs and a Boeing 767 between his butt cheeks.
  • Doltie is wearing on his jacket another piece of Latuff's anti-American propaganda - this time the one comparing "the Bush Era" with "Obama Era" - Uncle Sam from the Bush Era is robbing the world with a revolver and the Obama Era Uncle Sam is showing the world a trick with a white dove with his right hand while pickpocketing the world at the same time with his left hand.
  • Russians are known to have sympathy towards small children at their national level. The way Katya slapped the Silly Little Boy is against this standard, which made her be accused of causing the mission to fail in the end of the episode.
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