Cat-Lash-Strikov II: Destination Portland is the seventh episode from the third season of The Pussycats.


One certain Dixie-crat from Oregon brings upon himself Team Pussycat's vengeance for his prejudice towards Stan's and Ian's nationality.


The Zaleski brothers expect their wives to bear their kittens in the nearest future, and the preparations for the baby shower are being made. When the fathers-to-be come back with infant stuff, they spot one of those doubtfully reasonable people who roam comics book shops and buy out stuff. An individual is an obese man in his forties, dressed in mismatched fashion, and is trying to get all the sticker books the shop has in stock. Stan asks the individual, why does he need the sticker books and is responded in a childish manner, that it is not his business and that he apparently does not remember the 1980s when stickers were said to be hip. Ian makes a gesture indicating, that Stan's debate partner is not worth a civic chat, and the brothers leave the manchild with his desires to drain the local market.

Back home, the brothers tell their visibly pregnant wives what have they seen outside. Penelope admits that fools like the one encountered by Stan and Ian are commonly seen in the coasts and bigger cities. Delilah turns on the TV set on the News channel, while Mona and Kitty emerge from the kitchen with dinner served. The Zaleskis watch the news about an individual, who attempted to steal sticker books for children from a comics book store. Stan and Ian recognize the individual as the same one they spotted. It is revealed the failed shop-lifter is called Renton Toilet and his criminal record involves stealing books and VHS cassettes with children media. When asked by the journalist, why did he attempt to rob the book store, Renton keeps talking nonsense about a cat being superior to an ant.

Three months later, the elder branch of the family is having their first stroll with kittens in the park. Penelope gave birth to her son Adam, Mona - to her daughter Mary-Ann, both being Stan's kittens. The stroll goes on without issues until the cats spot a crowd around the park's pond area, where the flea market takes place. A couple of merchants, who were to sell Pink Panther comics books are complaining, that their goods for sale have been stolen and they have no idea how did it happen.


Team Pussycat

The Antagonists

  • Renton Toilet
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