Calling Doctor Pussycat is the ninth episode from the third season of The Pussycats.


The Pussycat Twins help Stan in his recovery.


Stanisław Zaleski returns from a mission in Siberia with quite a bad cold. The next day it turns out, that he has contracted flu. He is sent for recovery at home with Penelope Pussycat and Mona Pussycat looking after him.

A sinus ache weakens Stan so badly, that he cannot rise from the bed. The Pussycat Twins bring him medicine and lay him to bed. Both wear surgical masks to prevent themselves from infection. Having taken medicine, Stan falls asleep in the hands of his females.

During his slumber, Stan has dreams about his childhood and youth. The memories come to the time, he had to flee from his homeland as a kitten and he wakes up stressed. It is 4:00 AM and the Pussycat Twins are still asleep. Stan is also trying to sleep, being weakened - he struggles till 6:00 AM when Penelope wakes up, followed by Mona. Despite still being ill, Stan attempts to cook breakfast for his females. Mona states, that Stan has not recovered enough yet, so she and Penelope put Stan back to the bed.

Stan falls asleep again around 8:00 AM. He dreams about fighting the occupants in his homeland and pushing them eastwards. The dream becomes awful when Stan reminds the KGB prison they liberated in the past and the tortured prisoners he saw there. Two kisses at his cheeks wake him up. Penelope measures Stan's body temperature and it turns out he has 40 C/104 F fever. Having taken medicine, Stan falls asleep again.

The following dream begins with a Levantine realm, where Penelope and Mona in oriental clothing are locked inside a harem. Stan in winged hussar armor enters the palace and challenges the local sheik for a duel. After a short combat, the sheik strikes the harem door badly wounded and falls down. Triumphant Stan takes Penelope and Mona with himself and they depart to a nearby port, where the feline winged hussar convinces the skipper with the sheik's gold to take him and his females to his homeland. When he is about to disembark after the journey, Mona and Penelope kiss him and he wakes up, feeling better.

Shortly afterward, the Pussycat twins also feel bad. Stan provides them proper care and they recover the next day, being warmed by their male.


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