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Penelope Pussycat wielding an AK-47 assault rifle.

The AK-47 is a gas operated, rotating bolt, assault rifle in use by most the former Warsaw Pact nations. It is one of the most commonly used weapons in The Pussycats.

Firing a 7.62mm round, the weapon can be fired in semi or full auto. It is one of the most popular assault rifles in the world due to its low production cost and extreme durability, it is common among communist nations, revolutionaries, and terrorist groups. Also known as a Kalashnikov (the name of its designer Mikhail Kalashnikov) it has an effective range of 300 meters in full auto and 400 meters in semi mode and uses 10 to 40 round magazines.

The Pussycats

The AK-47 is commonly used both by the Comintern members, terrorist groups and the team Pussycat. The latter bring it to those missions, where NATO rounds are difficult to obtain and where the firepower is more important than firearm accuracy.

Initially reluctant towards a weapon crafted by the enemy, the Team Pussycat members quickly discovered that AK-47's high rate of fire is certainly an advantage against most of the opponents. Especially since the bad guys in this show do rely on Warsaw Pact weaponry.

Ian Zaleski was the most accustomed to Kalashnikov firearms due to his career in the anti-Comintern Resistance - first, he trained his older brother in handling those and later he taught Kitty the way of handling those products of Soviet industry. Delilah had access to AK-47 back when working for Mechanikat, while Penelope and Mona learned the way to use Kalashnikov rifles from Stan.

Weapon Variants

  • The original model Ak-47 is the most commonly seen version throughout the series.
  • The AKM variant appears commonly behind the iron curtain and in the former Warsaw Pact countries; Dolt-on-Istov and Paskudnikov are using this model.
  • A special version called "Fiendish Crafted AK-47" is manufactured in Chertovo Kolyesyo, using a mixture of steel and substances found in the Frozen hell instead of the wooden parts. Despite being designed to belch infernal bolts as its standard ammunition, it is capable of firing both standard Russian 7.62mm rounds and NATO 7.62mm rounds. This variant of the Kalashnikov rifle emanates a wicked aura and might only be used by evil-aligned characters. Sindri Bisitsokoshkha carries such weapon with herself.
  • There are also foreign-made copies of AK-47 seen in the show, including the Chinese Type 56 assault rifle.